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Right Knee injury, Left hand walking stick.

Mr. Bon in Invercargill ordered a walking stick to relieve some of the pain and mobility issues associated with a knee injury. He contacted me after reviewing the information on our website to check and confirm that the stick should be carried in the hand opposite the affected leg.

"It doesn't seem correct," he explained, "if it's my right knee that is causing me to limp, shouldn't I be using the stick in the right hand?"

Having experienced this exact confusion myself many years ago, I was able to assure him that for a right knee, the walking stick should, when possible, be used in the left hand.

"Try it," I said, "it will keep you balanced and stop undue twisting in your torso."

Mr. Bon has sent through these photos and says he is very happy with his new walking stick.

"It has definitely improved my mobility, and it's a very nice thing to carry around. I'll treasure it," he says.

Thanks, Mr. Bon. Glad we could help.

Our new customer with his walking stick
Mr. Bon, his new stick and his goats
Walking tall with a walking stick
Left hand for right knee injury

Keeping mobile with a walking stick
Mr. Bon and his new stick

Using a NZWalkingSticks walking stick
Taking the new walking stick for a test ride


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