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About my Sticks

NZ Walking Sticks are;

  • Comfortable – the HAB handle has been through a comprehensive shaping and testing process to ensure all day use does not lead to pressure points or discomfort. The shaft is cut to the requirements of the customer before being sent out.

  • Unique – Designed and made in New Zealand.

  • Strong – Cast aluminium Handle and resin reinforced bamboo.

  • Stylish – no need to feel self conscious about age or frailty, these walking sticks look great. They will give you an air of style, gravitas and dignity.

Choosing the correct Walking Stick

There are a number of options that need to be taken into consideration when ordering the walking stick. Most importantly, is it for the right or left hand?

AND - ensure it is the correct length. See The Correct Stick for more information.

About Me

NZ Walking Sticks evolved out of frustration felt by me after several injuries and procedures that required the use of a walking stick. I found the walking stick options were either depressingly functional or excessively ornate.

After a year of experimentation with handle shapes, materials and functionality I designed the supremely comfortable HAB handle. Further experimentation with suitable shafts, trying manuka and pine, I settled on resin reinforced natural bamboo.


I am confident that anyone using one of my walking sticks will be completely satisfied (unless it is ordered too short). If I'm wrong I offer a money back guarantee.


Carey (founder) The Walking Stick guy
The outdoor walking stick workshop
Cutting walking sticks to length
Resin reinforced walking sticks
My Approach
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