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Multi Functional Walking Sticks

Most people think that the primary purpose of a walking stick is to help the aged and infirm, but not so. For centuries people have used walking sticks for many different purposes, both decorative and practical. It’s first use was as a defensive weapon. Later it became a symbol of authority, carried by tribal chiefs, army officers and policemen, and a costume accessory, an accessory for the swaggering dandy.

Willy Wonka with Walking Stick
Swaggering Dandy Stick

At NZ walking sticks, our sticks fulfil any and all of these functions.

Of course the aged and infirm can rely on our walking sticks to provide the comfort and strength to fulfil their shaky needs. However, should a disability be more cerebral; a feebleness of mind perhaps, a weakness of will, then with our beautiful and unique walking sticks, one faces the world with confidence, head held high.

Or then again; perhaps a person aspires to being a fop. Then our swaggering dandy stick with the shiny cast aluminium HAB Handle and coloured shaft will provide the effete poseur all the supercilious artifice that may be required for that special book launch or glam opening. Add to that the bonus of extra self defense capability should they happen across a sullen drunk in a dark alley, in the early hours.

When you need a Self Defense Stick

And yes, we also make defensive walking sticks. This is made with extra heft, a laced pommel/hand stop and grip at the butt end of the cane shaft. The Defensive Walking Stick allows for confident reverse swings in extreme situations; doubling strike options and making the heavier handle end an effective, and damaging impact tool. The perfect accessory to silence that hostile inebriate.


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