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The perfect companion after an injury or operation and a marvelous gift for those we love who may be suffering from ailment, injuries, infirmity or conditions where some extra support is required.

Comfortable, highly polished cast aluminium handle for either the left ot right hand, matched with...

  • A resin reinforced (very strong) cane shaft, in a range of colour options.
  • A non slip sleeve so it's less likely to slip to the floor when propped against a table
  • A removable wrist lanyard.
  • A non-slip silicon foot.

Handmade Walking Stick

  • 100% refund within 1 month of purchase if the stick has not been damaged or altered in any way.

    If the stick is too short, or long, the shaft can be altered to suit.

    Does not apply to engraved handles.

  • Free Shipping throughout NZ.

    Walking Sticks can be sent to the purchasor or other recipient if it is a gift.

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