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Walking Stick Propped

NZ Walking Sticks - designed and made in Waipu, New Zealand and....

Perhaps the Best Gift you can buy for someone you love.

NZ Walking Sticks are...


A highly polished cast aluminium handle matched with a natural cane polyurathane coated shaft which can be colour matched with Resene colours.


Super comfortable handle, either the right or left hand as required with a resin reinforced shaft which makes it super strong. Also includes a wrist lanyard for when two hands are needed, an anti-slip sleeve below the handle to help stop the walking stick from sliding to the floor when it is leaning against a table (say at a cafe) and finally, a silicone end stopper to stop slipping on floors.


A great looking walking stick is much more likely to be used than an off-the-shelf generic stick from the hospital. Walking sticks are not just essential following many types of surgery or injury, but a great gift idea for anyone beyond a certain age. Walking sticks provide stability and support and can prevent falls, making them an excellent companion for the frail, elderly and unsteady. When offered as a gift, a walking stick can be a significant factor in preventing falls and ensuring frail loved ones feel confident to get out and about.


Walking sticks are made to suit the size requirements of the user and are ordered as either Right or Left handed. This offers maximum all day comfort. They can also be painted to any Resene colour if that is important, and the handle can be engraved.

HAB Handle - elegant ans comfortable

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