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Why Granddad needs a walking stick

Many of us are familiar with watching our dear elderly relative clinging to the arms of their cherished chair as they struggle to stand up, then relying on furniture for balance as they move across the room. It can be tough to witness, and when questioned about using a walking stick, if they have one, they might respond with frustration, "I don't need a walking stick!"

However, we understand that they could benefit from one, as it could help prevent a potentially serious fall.

So, how can we persuade Granddad to make use of a walking stick?

The key is for him to have a walking stick that he actually likes using. It should be comfortable, practical, custom-made, and visually appealing, not just something picked up at the local Op Shop. Even better, consider giving him one as a thoughtful gift, perhaps with a personalized engraving, turning it into something more than just a concession to ageing.

At NZ Walking Sticks, you have the option to purchase a walking stick for Granddad and have it delivered directly to him, or if he is tech-savvy, you can send him a Gift Card so he can choose one for himself.

Go to the page The Correct Stick, to check what you need to know before buying the stick, or to the e - Gift Card page to send Granddad a Gift Card and he can order his own stick.


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